About Us

Owner Sam Mitchell on board the F/V Williwaw with a sockeye salmon.

Salmon Fisherman

We are Alaska fishermen. All our salmon comes from independent family businesses harvesting sockeye salmon sustainably in some of the most pristine waters on Earth.

The fleet of Bristol Bay fishermen that catch the wild sockeye salmon we make available to you are committed to the utmost quality standards at the point of harvest.

Sam’s Salmon Sales represents the very best product and model for seafood consumption possible. Sam has fished on the F/V Williwaw with Steve, his father, since 2009. Steve has owned and operated the Williwaw since the mid-1980’s. Treating yourself to our wild Alaskan sockeye salmon not only gives you access to a premium product year-round, but it also allows you to support local, small-scale fishermen and a fishery that exemplifies sustainability.

We are very proud of our product and cannot wait to share it with you!

Know Your Fish


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Bristol Bay Salmon Management Plan is recognized as one of the most effective fishery management systems in the world. While fisheries around the world struggle, Bristol Bay consistently returns the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world – between 30 and 60 million fish make their return journey to the waters of Bristol Bay every year. Buying Bristol Bay salmon means supporting a fishery, ecosystem, and community that is a model of perpetual sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Premium Quality

There are 1400+ boats that fish commercially in Bristol Bay every summer. Each boat is independently owned and operated by fishermen.

Every salmon we catch is removed by hand from our nets, then immediately submerged in 33-degree circulating seawater. The fish is then sorted and only the highest quality salmon make it to the fillet line, which guarantees unblemished, rich-tasting, firm flesh – wild Sockeye salmon at its very finest!

Filleted, flash-frozen, and vacuum-sealed. Our fresh frozen wild salmon is ready for
you to cook and savor Bristol Bay!